Car Smoking Ban

I have a confession: I smoke. Not only do I adore a fag, every time I think of quitting, the latest government wheeze to make us stop reignites my passion.

The government has outlawed smoking in cars caryying children. Only a twat would smoke in cars with kids in company. If such people choose to behave so, there’s a good chance they will be smoking in front of the kids at home. Perhaps that should be banned too? Maybe. But how would such legislation be policed?

Smoking is bad for you. It costs a fucking fortune, is bad for your health, and makes your breath, clothes and hair stink.

The question remains: how effective is official anti-tobacco policy in reducing consumption?

According to Action on Smoking and Health (ASH), the cost of smoking to society is £12.9 billion a year, while the Treasury receives £9.5 billion. Yet the latter figure excludes VAT. Factoring-in VAT raises revenue to £12.3 billion.

ASH’s studies state that 9% of tailor-made cigarettes and 36% of hand-rolled tobacco is illicit. Do those figures include fags received from those of us lucky to live near Heathrow?

Lies, damn lies and statistics. We’re all going to die of something. If I peg out early, the government won’t have to pay out a pension or treat me for an aged-related illness.

Nanny, stop being such a cunt.

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