Incompetent, Homophobic and Racist: Sergeant Kirsten Treasure

Sergeant Kirsten Treasure was dismissed from the Metropolitan Police last Friday after a two week inquiry found her guilty of gross misconduct.

42-year-old Treasure’s conduct came into question over her failure to respond to a call for help at John Ruskin College, Selsdon Park Road, Croydon on the night of 24 April 2014. Andrew Else, a 52-year-old father of three and estate agent, was returning from a night down the pub. After dismounting a bus near his home, Else died after being stabbed more than 200 times in an unprovoked attack by paranoid schizophrenic Ephraim Norman.

The initial alarm for assistance was ignored by Treasure; she claimed to be unfamiliar with the location of the stabbing, just 700 metres from her base at Addington police station. Treasure reportedly confused Selsdon with Coulsdon, despite having policed Croydon for 14 years. According to The Times:

Ms Treasure is understood to have ordered the officers back and claimed that other duties, such as policing the town centre, took precedence.

After the allegations were referred to the Independent Police Complaints Commission, who ordered an internal Met investigation, it was claimed that Treasure lied under interview about her handling of events.

Treasure was also accused of making of making 15 homophobic and racist comments about colleagues and members of the public.

Carol Scott, Andrew Else’s 74-year-old mother-in-law, said in a statement:

We are so glad Kirsten Treasure has been dismissed. She was a horrendous person and we don’t need police officers like her in the force. … We think perhaps if the police had got there quicker Andrew would have been saved. We don’t blame the police officers, we blame Kirsten Treasure who was in charge of them. I am so angry with her. She was a nasty piece of work and called them horrible names. 

The Crown Prosecution Service decided not to press criminal charges against Treasure. Chief Superintendent Matthew Gardner of the Met’s Directorate for Professional Standards commented:

The catalogue of misconduct by this officer is truly shocking. Police Sergeant Treasure has abandoned her sworn duty to protect the people of London and had no regard for the victim, Andrew Else. Her language and behaviour has left no room for her to remain within a police service which demands the highest levels of integrity and professionalism. Her attitudes to people, be they colleagues, the public or victims of crime, had been shown to be truly appalling, the polar opposite of what those of a police officer should be, and it is clear that the panel were justified in dismissing this officer.

24-year-old Norman admitted manslaughter in February 2015 and was ordered to be detained indefinitely in a secure hospital under the Mental Health Act.



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