Operation Midland: Opaque, Mismanaged & Misleading?

The conclusions of an inquiry into an inquiry into allegations of an elite Westminster based paedophile ring will not be made public.

Met Commissioner Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe ordered the review of Operation Midland back in February. Following the shock revelation that self-proclaimed peado Jimmy Savile liked shagging young kids, the Met launched Operation Midland to investigate allegations of historic child sex abuse. Former head of the armed forces Lord Bramall and ex-Tory MP Harvey Proctor were publicly and wrongly accused of being kiddy-fiddlers. At a cost of £2.5 million, no arrests were made.

Sir Richard Henriques’s review of Operation Midland will be handed to the Met this week. While the force refuses to answer questions about blame, The Times hints that police officers criticized may be offered a chance to respond to the draft report, delaying final publication.

Assistant Commissioner Helen King comments that the report needs to be examined “not just in terms of what can and cannot be published from it but also the extent to which the [force] agrees or otherwise with all of its findings and recommendations.”

Harvey Proctor’s verdict is damning:

Not content with appointing their own judge, setting their own terms of reference, excluding historical matters and ensuring Henriques reports to Hogan-Howe directly, now the MPS [Metropolitan Police Service] are ensuring it is not be independent by tampering with their own report once written.”

Daniel Janner QC, son of Labour peer and alleged child molester Grenville Janner, is considering pursuing legal means to grant full disclosure.


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