Rule Britannia: Begging, Boozing, Bugging and Burgling


Review: Simon Parkes, Black Flag (independently published, 2017), pp. 458, RRP £9.99

 “Those memory sticks you had analysed, the circumstantial evidence you’ve gathered surrounding them, the Mossad guy, the woman from Six,” said the American. “It’s a Black Flag, you know it and I know it. We’ve been goaded into following a trail to Tehran. The Israelis have gone too far this time but it changes nothing. If those hostages die we’re going to war.”

 Black Flag: a masterclass on the interplay of domestic and international relations. Turf wars between faceless Home Office bureaucrats, Cro-Magnon Met coppers and unaccountable spooks at MI5 and MI6; fought alongside the interests of America and Israel. Aren’t they all on the same side? Perhaps those who we pay to govern the nation on our behalf should avoid the undignified scramble to sport the earliest poppy pre-November, a charade comparable to “Christmas”…

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