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Lowlife Literature: The Gilt Kid

 ‘You still in the racket?’ he asked. ‘You mean am I still in the same game?’ ‘Sure. Use your loaf. What the hell else would I mean?’ ‘Yes. There’s nothing else for it when you’ve once been inside.’   One … Continue reading

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On the Enchantment of Discovery

I confess with unconfidence to merely flirting with my greats: Shakespeare, Blake, Dickens; Evelyn Waugh, Kingsley Amis and Graham Greene. Others prove more seductive. J.G. Ballard, in his iridescent idiom, the seer of the city. Peter Ackroyd, medium for the dead. The antiquarian … Continue reading

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Rule Britannia: Begging, Boozing, Bugging and Burgling

Review: S.J. Parkes, Black Flag (independently published, 2017), pp. 458, RRP £9.99  “Those memory sticks you had analysed, the circumstantial evidence you’ve gathered surrounding them, the Mossad guy, the woman from Six,” said the American. “It’s a Black Flag, you … Continue reading

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The Writing on the Wall: Jack the Ripper – Case Cracked?

Review: Bruce Robinson, They All Love Jack: Busting the Ripper (London: Fourth Estate, 2015), pp. 850, RRP £25.00 Read all about it: Jack the Ripper. Case closed, again. One of around thirty suspects. A top-hatted, Gladstone bag and Liston knife carrier. 1888, the … Continue reading

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To Hell with Hawksmoor: Alan Moore & Myths of Jack the Ripper

“Here’s Hawksmoor’s most affecting church; his creed of ‘Terrour and Magnificence’ most forcefully expressed. Its tyranny of line enslaves the nearby streets, forever in its shade. Its angles trick the eye, seem from a distance flat then swell upon approach … Continue reading

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